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Archives for November 2013

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Memorization: An Interview with Michal Rector

Michal Rector is a young mom who attends Tuesday Connection Bible Study. Here she shares how memorizing God’s Word has impacted her life this semester. What have you been memorizing this semester? The book of Philippians. So far I have chapters 1-3 memorized and I am currently working on chapter 4. What have been motivations for you to begin and continue this ende...

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Mothers, Show Them What To Pray

In his sermon this past Sunday, Pastor Josh mentioned the importance of teaching our children to pray. This can be hard for me, though God grows my passion for prayer more and more. With my own daughter, I often tend to ask her to pray and when she demonstrates insecurity about it, I confess I often brush her insecurity aside and say, “Just talk to him! A...

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Recommended Resources for Family Worship

Parents, in my sermon last Sunday I mentioned a number of resources for using in family worship. I have benefited from these resources and would recommend that you start here if you’d like help with this important time with your family....

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Why Should I Attend a Members Meeting?

The answer to this question is largely bound up in our understanding of authority. In the EFCA, we are “Congregationalists.” What does that mean? That means that we believe the congregation is the highest governing authority under Christ for the local church. The congregation--not a bishop, not a group of elders, not a pastor--is the highest court of appeals in...

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Memorization: Picturing the Word

Memorizing God’s Word is a discipline that can easily become a source of pride and an act of duty. To fight this tendency, memorization must be accompanied by meditation. One way this can practically play out is listed in the Women’s Ministry memorization booklets on Philippians....

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