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Archives for July 2014

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4 Resources to Help You Know How God Designed You

If work is the thing that most of us spend most of our time doing, what kind of work should we do? Is the work you’re currently doing the work you ought to be doing? I suspect many of you ask this question from time to time. In Sunday’s sermon, “Work As Vocation,” I gave four questions* to help you evaluate your work. I’d encourage you to listen to the sermon i...

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Straight Talk on Money Matters, Part 1

...First Free has had a remarkable history of faithful and generous givers over the past 64 years of our existence. We have never conducted an annual stewardship drive as many churches do; we haven’t had to. Instead we have generally addressed the topic of giving only when it came up in the course of our regular expository preaching. However, several factors have converg...

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You ARE Called to Missions

God’s global plan is very clear in Scripture. From God blessing Abraham to bless “all the families of the earth” in Genesis 12 to people “from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages” worshipping the Lord in Revelation 7:9, we see God working to save a remnant from every people group on earth. The Great Commission of Matthew 28 is Jesus’ clear...

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The Gift of Koinonia

...I’m also thankful for a generous church who gives of their time, treasure, and talents to build up the body of Christ. My reflections on my ability to take a study leave has reminded me of a sermon I preached on the nature of true fellowship (Greek: koinonia). I’d like to share three aspects of biblical koinonia and then show how they relate to where we’re at as a...

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