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Renew 20-21 Project Update

Posted onJuly 21, 2021 | by: First Free | 0 comments

Our Renew 20-21 project is taking some big steps in the next few months and we are getting very excited.The gym and courtyard have served our church family so well since they were built forty to fifty years ago, and we are excited to renovate them as we build for the next fifty years of God’s work in Wichita. It is such a significant opportunity and stewardship to shape this home where God’s people have been gathering for decades. We recently hit 80% of the original $2 million estimate and so we are ready to take some next steps. Of course 80% is not 100%! Our goal is to fully fund this project and with your help and perseverance we can get there....Keep Reading

Getting to Know the Elders: Ken Bengtson

Posted onJuly 16, 2021 | by: First Free | 0 comments

Here at First Free we believe God has given the church elders, men who have been chosen by God to know, lead, feed, and protect his flock. Over the next year, we’d like to help you get to know our elders better through an in-depth interview with one of our elders each month. This month we’re talking to Ken Bengtson....Keep Reading

Thinking Critically About Social Media

Posted onApril 23, 2021 | by: First Free | 0 comments

The last twelve months have provided enough national controversy to last several years. COVID-19, the contentious presidential election, and race relations are just a few of the issues that have led many of us to the Internet in hopes of finding kindred spirits who may help us make sense of the world around us. In light of this, we should all make an extra effort to think more critically about how we use social media and how it might help or hinder our Christian witness, both personally and corporately....Keep Reading

Making Time for Hope

Posted onDecember 4, 2020 | by: Judy Hollander | 0 comments

The family calendar tells our story perhaps more clearly than any other item in our homes. I have saved our family calendars to remember our family’s history. The vacations to Colorado, the trip to Boston, funerals, births, parties, games, practices and games, piano lessons. I was a sorry scrapbooker and a lousy photographer; but I cataloged our busy lives by writing things on the calendar. ...Keep Reading

Matthew: King of Heaven

Posted onNovember 23, 2020 | by: Dirk Jasperse | 0 comments

Have you ever waited for something or someone a long time? Perhaps the return of a loved one you haven’t seen in years, relief from extended suffering, or the setting right of a world gone wrong. Wouldn’t it be good news to hear your waiting was finally coming to an end and your expected hope had arrived? As we enter this season of Advent, we remember Israel’s waiting, century after century, for the coming of the Messiah, the promised king who would one day arrive to usher in the kingdom of heaven, bringing restoration and salvation to God’s people....Keep Reading

Classes Update

Posted onNovember 12, 2020 | by: First Free | 0 comments

We’ve decided to put a pause on our Sunday morning classes through the end of the year beginning this coming Sunday, November 15. This is essentially a return to our summer programming. This is not a decision we’ve made lightly and we grieve the loss of connection this will bring, especially for those with young children. After watching COVID case and hospitalization numbers in our community over the last couple weeks we are seeing notable increases that will continue to put significant strain on the Wichita healthcare system if transmission isn’t slowed....Keep Reading

Daniel: When Kingdoms Collide

Posted onAugust 7, 2020 | by: Jordan Green | 0 comments

In 1781, legend insists that as British troops left Yorktown, laying their weapons at Washington’s feet, they sang the well known tune, “The World Turned Upside Down.” When kingdoms collide the world is truly turned upside down. We experience this feeling in a myriad of ways even today; nations battle for dominion, groups grasp for power, and individuals chase influence. However, nothing turns our world more inside out than when the kingdom of God collides with the kingdom(s) of man. This daily collision demands our love and our loyalty; it demands our whole life....Keep Reading

COVID-19 Weekly Update #15

Posted onJune 19, 2020 | by: First Free | 0 comments

Can you believe this is weekly update #15?! As we prepare for in-person services to resume, it’s time for us to retire the COVID-19 weekly update. Of course, that doesn’t mean we won’t be communicating. Beginning next week, we’ll be making a digital version of our bulletin available on our livestream page. You can also sign up to get that sent to your inbox each week by clicking the button below....Keep Reading

Listen, Lament, and Learn

Posted onJune 17, 2020 | by: First Free | 0 comments

In Micah 6:8 we read, “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” We care about justice because God cares about justice. But what does that look like today? How do we engage when we see injustice around us, particularly racial injustice? Here are some resources that we believe can be helpful to us as we walk humbly with God through these waters....Keep Reading

COVID-19 Weekly Update #14

Posted onJune 12, 2020 | by: First Free | 0 comments

If you’re like me, you’ve had conversations with friends or family about race and justice and “what now?” over the last few weeks. Coming face-to-face with the appalling injustice of the taking of George Floyd’s life and the resulting protests across the country have amplified these issues. There is so much being said at every turn. It’s caused me to consider what the church’s response should be. What does it look like in 2020 to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with our God (Mic. 6:8)? Elder Chairman Jeff S., Pastor Josh, and I have been talking and we think listening is a critical step. In the next week we’ll be sharing some resources to help us all do that, so watch for that on our blog. The Elders will also be taking time at our next couple meetings to listen and discuss how we can better pursue what our Statement of Faith says: “… to live out our faith with care for one another, compassion toward the poor and justice for the oppressed.”...Keep Reading