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Finding JOY in Memorizing the Word

Posted onAugust 28, 2013 | by: Jane Schaible | 0 comments

Already anticipating the next women's retreat? Start gearing up for it now, and join First Free Women this fall as we find JOY in memorizing God's Word together! Preparing your hearts and minds now will make you ready to receive powerful truths from the book of Philippians later at the March 7-8, 2014, Women's Retreat. ...Keep Reading

Missions Sunday Preview - 2013

Posted onAugust 26, 2013 | by: Curt Romig | 0 comments

Missions Sunday is coming up on October 13! Our Sunday morning services will have a missions focus, and Sunday evening we will host our 2nd annual “Trip Around the World.” Let me tell you more about both!...Keep Reading

We Are to Be the "Rememberers"

Posted onAugust 13, 2013 | by: Lindsey Ayres | 0 comments

As a creative writing teacher, I think a lot about stories, mostly how to help my students tell them better. But as my preschooler gets older and his attention span for more developed plots gets longer, I also think about what stories to tell him. This idea really hit home for me as I listened to Lori Day speak at the Gala this year....Keep Reading

Chances to See

Posted onAugust 9, 2013 | by: Claire Chapman | 0 comments

God showed me exciting things over a ten day trip to Moldova in Eastern Europe. Our team of twelve partnered with a small rural church to fit eyeglasses and organize a VBS program. The people of rural Moldova were so thankful for whatever help our team provided. One grandmotherly woman with a purple scarf tied on her head and a long dress stands out....Keep Reading

Stuck in the Mud

Posted onJuly 25, 2013 | by: Jane Schaible | 0 comments

I will venture to say that many of us do not always feel “eager” to become like Christ. We confess our sin and want to be rid of it, but often resist the godly qualities that are supposed to replace those sins. We don’t want to do the work involved. We cling to sin we’ve always believed to be part of our personality--" fear, apathy, temper, worry. We know how to make a pretense of growth with our outward acts and words; all the while, what continues to grow down in our very deepest places, is something quite different. And our contentment with these things keeps us stuck, like feet in mud....Keep Reading

Natives of Heaven

Posted onJuly 3, 2013 | by: Jane Schaible | 0 comments

I never want to be "just like" everybody else. There’s a little piece deep down inside of me that tends to enjoy going against the grain at times (sometimes for the good...sometimes for the bad, I’ll shamefully confess!). You would think, as a believer living in this fallen world, that this “not wanting to be like everybody else” desire in me would help when it comes to being “salt and light” in a dark world that thinks and acts so very differently than me most of the time....Keep Reading

New First Free Missionaries

Posted onJune 28, 2013 | by: Curt Romig | 0 comments

First Free is excited to be sending several new missionaries this year. Today we will introduce you to three who will be serving as teachers in overseas schools. Take a look at your new missionaries!...Keep Reading

Summer Reading List

Posted onJune 15, 2013 | by: Jane Schaible | 0 comments

Summer’s here! That means lots of spontaneous activity, rather than the regular weekly routines we settle into during the fall and winter months. With all the “free” time we have to “do as we please” during the summer, there is often room for a few new books to add to our reading lists. Here are several “top picks” to add to your summer reading list from the staff. Relax, find your favorite chair in the sun, and enjoy!!...Keep Reading

Missions at First Free

Posted onMay 30, 2013 | by: Curt Romig | 0 comments

What is missions? There are thousands of definitions and thousands of different ways that churches approach missions. At First Free, we participate in many kinds of missions, from church planting in the toughest places on earth to local ministries to parachurch ministries in Wichita reaching specific pockets of people. We do, however, have some very clear priorities....Keep Reading


Posted onMay 20, 2013 | by: First Free | 0 comments

Welcome to our new space! We hope you find it useful and easy to navigate. Here's a sampling of some of the new features:...Keep Reading