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COVID-19 Weekly Update #13

Posted onJune 5, 2020 | by: First Free | 0 comments

This week our staff team welcomed our newest pastoral resident, Dirk Jasperse, and his wife Katie. We are so excited for you to have a chance to meet them and didn’t want to wait until we begin in-person services. Here’s a video we recorded right before they moved which has a brief update on the Residency Program and an interview with Dirk and Katie. We also invite you to join us in welcoming them with a gift card shower. Cards need to be addressed to them and can be mailed to the church office, dropped off during the week, or e-cards can be sent to Store suggestions include Dillons, Target, and Barnes & Noble....Keep Reading

COVID-19 Weekly Update #12

Posted onMay 31, 2020 | by: First Free | 0 comments

Thank you to those of you who filled out our restart survey this past week. As you can imagine, all the options of answers were represented in the results. In moving forward, it is our prayer that First Free will be marked by grace and unity, even though we have differing opinions. We pray that we would seek to love and understand and care for one another well. Gathering together is one of our primary pathways for growing as a disciple so we long to worship together again with the entire church family! Resuming in-person services doesn’t get us all the way there---we know it will be wise for some to continue engaging online even after we begin meeting in person---but we continue to prepare and plan for that next step....Keep Reading

COVID-19 Weekly Update #11

Posted onMay 22, 2020 | by: First Free | 0 comments

This week we want to hear from you! Our team continues planning for resuming in-person services later this summer and it would help us to know what you are planning to do. Please take a minute to fill out this short, five-question survey. It will stay open until next Friday, but we’d love to hear from you before then. As we’ve said, Pastor Ron is leading that team and would be happy to receive any additional input or concerns you may have....Keep Reading

COVID-19 Weekly Update #10

Posted onMay 15, 2020 | by: First Free | 0 comments

Our series in the Psalms has shown us how to pray in our exile. We’re not in exile from the Promised Land like Israel, but we are in exile. As we learned in the first part of our series in 1 Peter, our exile is simply life on earth, away from our promised eternal inheritance. Life in exile is hard. We experience the effects of the fall so clearly. But life in exile is not without hope. We’ll return to that hope this week as we pick back up in 1 Peter 4:12-19. We’ll be in 1 Peter the rest of May and then our plan is to cover 2 Peter in June (Pastor Dominick will be leading that series!) and July will be our Missions Month. You may find it helpful to read through 1 Peter before Sunday to reorient yourself to the book....Keep Reading

Praying Psalm 106

Posted onMay 11, 2020 | by: Josh Black | 0 comments

We just finished our series on Psalms for Uncertain Times by looking at Psalm 106. My goal for this series was to help you learn a new vocabulary and grammar of prayer that may feel a bit like a foreign language. Praying the Psalms gives us patterns and prompts for prayer. One of the methods we’ve been using in these posts has been the ACTS method, letting a psalm lead us through adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. Some psalms are especially suited to helping us most in just one of these categories. Psalm 106 is unique in the pattern it gives us for confession....Keep Reading

COVID-19 Weekly Update #9

Posted onMay 8, 2020 | by: First Free | 0 comments

Kansas entered Phase One of reopening this past Monday, so first things first, what is First Free planning to do? Governor Kelly presented a four-phase plan to reopen, which Sedgwick County adopted with no changes: Phase One, Phase Two, Phase Three, and Phase Out. As Kansas moves toward Phase Out we will begin to phase in resuming in-person ministry. For Sunday morning worship services, at this point we believe the wisest and most loving course of action is to wait until Kansas officially enters Phase Out. This means the earliest we would begin in-person Sunday worship is June 21. We’ve been in communication with other churches in Wichita and this is consistent with what a number of churches our size are planning. We’ll be sharing more details...Keep Reading

Praying Psalm 103

Posted onMay 4, 2020 | by: Judy Hollander | 0 comments

Have you ever wondered how to help children grow in the discipline of prayer? They learn as you model and encourage them to pray beyond the memorized prayers at meals and bedtime. Memorized prayers are a wonderful first step in helping children develop the habit of prayer. But look for opportunities to encourage children to pray beyond what they have memorized. To pray from their own thoughts and out of their own experiences and also to grow in their ability to pray in response to what they read in the Bible. Read Psalm 103 together and guide your children through the ACTS method of praying this psalm (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication)....Keep Reading

COVID-19 Weekly Update #8

Posted onMay 1, 2020 | by: First Free | 0 comments

Psalm 103 is a study in the forgiveness, patience, and boundless love of God. What a great reminder for us today. As you prepare for our time together this week in Psalm 103, read it and reflect on all God’s benefits (vs. 2). Get out a pen and paper and make an actual list! Let the psalm prompt you to recount his many works in your life. Then join us Sunday morning over on our livestream page at 10:45 to access the video....Keep Reading

Praying Psalm 102

Posted onApril 27, 2020 | by: Dominick Wong | 0 comments

What do you do when you come across hard times? Who do you talk to? How do you talk about it with them? For many of us this season has most certainly been a hard time. The fear of the coronavirus, the loneliness of social isolation, the anxiety of financial instability, the pain of losing loved ones. During hard times, our heavenly Father speaks to us through the Psalms and then, incredibly, we are invited to make those words our own. God uses the Psalms to teach us how we might respond back to God. In the midst of this present crisis, psalms of lament like Psalm 102 teach us what to do with all of our pain and confusion. ...Keep Reading

COVID-19 Weekly Update #7

Posted onApril 24, 2020 | by: First Free | 0 comments

We are so eager to gather again for Sunday morning services and hope that can happen sooner than later. We sure miss you! But we also know that it will be a long time before it’s back to business-as-usual. Please pray for our ministry staff as we begin to plan. We’ve put together a team to think through the adjustments that will be needed so we can be ready as restrictions are lifted. We’re also planning for the precautions and measures we’ll need to take to make First Free a safe place. We’ll be updating you more as we develop plans but want you to know at the start that we are planning with the entire church in mind (especially those of you at high risk) and will continue to follow state and local guidelines regarding gathering sizes. Ron is leading this team and would be happy to receive your input....Keep Reading