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Conversation Starters

Sometimes the hardest part of evangelism is just getting the conversation started. It can be awkward to ask that first question! Sometimes it feels too personal, or sometimes we are afraid of what might happen.

Well here’s some ideas of how to start a gospel-centered conversation, either with a friend or a stranger.

1) “I read this amazing thing in the Bible recently. Would you like to hear it?”

2) “Would you consider yourself to be a good person?” This is the starter for the Way of the Master method. Most people say “yes” in response to the question, and then you can share how no one is good enough for God, and how much we need a Savior.

3) “Do you have any spiritual beliefs?” This is a simpler, less-threatening question.

4) “Do you have a church background?” You don’t want to debate the differences between a Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian here, but the question can lead to a great conversation.

5) “Lately I’ve been sensing God leading me to pray for the people around me. What are some things I can pray for you?”

6) “I don’t believe in coincidence, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we’ve crossed paths today. I think God is pursuing you. Could I share some parts of the Bible with you?”

7) Tracts. Yes, tracts. They are still useful! A good eye-catching tract can get someone thinking about God and lead to great conversation. I’ve got some in my office, so let me know if you want some!

Hope some of these ideas are helpful for you! Let's proclaim the good news to the people around us! And let me know if you have ideas too.

Pastor Curt