COVID-19 Weekly Update #10

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First Free Family,

Our series in the Psalms has shown us how to pray in our exile. We’re not in exile from the Promised Land like Israel, but we are in exile. As we learned in the first part of our series in 1 Peter, our exile is simply life on earth, away from our promised eternal inheritance. Life in exile is hard. We experience the effects of the fall so clearly. But life in exile is not without hope. We’ll return to that hope this week as we pick back up in 1 Peter 4:12-19. We’ll be in 1 Peter the rest of May and then our plan is to cover 2 Peter in June (Pastor Dominick will be leading that series!) and July will be our Missions Month. You may find it helpful to read through 1 Peter before Sunday to reorient yourself to the book.

The Sunday video will be available online at 9am—we hope you’ll continue in 1 Peter with us!

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Financial Update
May Giving Goal: $263,194
Still Needed to Meet Goal: $137,721
General Fund Giving Last Week: $71,472

Missions Partner Highlight
Each week, we’ll be highlighting one of our missions partners in our weekly emails so you can learn more about their ministries and be praying for the gospel to go wide through their work. If you would like to send one of our missions partners a note, please email Pastor Lucas and he’ll connect you.


In the fall of 2019, “E” joined a team of university teachers in Iraq to represent Christ in a city with only one known believer. Due to political unrest in the region, the university canceled classes within the first few weeks of their arrival. Initially, it looked like things would blow over and classes would resume as usual. However, protests continue to escalate while the country’s political and economic state deteriorates. Although the team is unable to continue their work at that university, opportunities in new cities have emerged. Through crisis, the Lord is faithful. “E” shares the following requests:

  1. The country faces mounting crises, economic downturn, political unrest, deteriorating infrastructure, and the coronavirus pandemic. All of the systems are failing. Ask God to revive and heal this country for his glory!
  2. Ask the Lord to speak to the Grand Ayatollahs, religious leaders wielding massive authority and influence over the people. Ask him to speak to them through Christians, visions, or dreams. Ask him to change their hearts!
  3. Many young people want to talk and are asking deep questions. They are open and yearning for something beyond the disillusionment and sadness they feel. Ask the Lord to satisfy their dry and weary souls with his living water.
  4. Praise God for Iraqi believers. Ask the Lord to strengthen and encourage their faith as they are refined in the fire. Pray for new believers and churches to be planted in the villages and cities where Christ’s name is not known.
  5. Despite challenges, opportunities remain for foreigners to teach, build, and engage the people. Pray for the gospel to be shared and understood through relationships like these.

May the LORD bless you and keep you,
Pastors Josh and Ron

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