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Four Ways to Serve in a Kids Class


Are you interested in joining the team to disciple the next generation, but not sure you’re cut out to be a teacher? We have good news! We need folks with a variety of gifts, skills, and interests to serve in children’s classes.  Here are four roles you can consider for serving on Sunday mornings:


Someone on the team needs to prepare the lesson each week. We use Truth78 curriculum (formerly called Children Desiring God) which lays out how to prepare and teach the lesson. It does take some time, because the goal of preparing to teach is that you first become a learner! Most teachers discover that they learn more than the kids do because of the preparation and thought that goes in to getting ready to teach.

Small Group Leader

Each Sunday children gather in small groups with the same leader to discuss what they learned that morning in the lesson. The goal of small groups is to help children move the knowledge from their head to their hearts. As leaders spend more time with their group, small groups can become times of real growth for the kids as they begin to apply what they are learning to their lives.

Transition Activities Leader

We want to make the most of each moment we have children in our classes! You can help by planning meaningful activities that are waiting for them when they walk into the room to start the morning off with purpose and fun. Other activities can be planned to complement the lesson or mark holidays during the year. This is not just fun and games—though it can be fun and games!—these activities help children focus on the lesson, gain Bible knowledge, or practice memory verses.

Worship Leader

Children love to sing! We would love each class to have time set aside each week for worship. Some of our worship leaders bring a guitar or keyboard—but all help the children grow in their understanding of worship and provide them an opportunity to learn new songs and sing unto the Lord.

As you can see, there are many places for a variety of gifts to shine in Children’s Ministries. Team members can also share the load in their class. You are never left alone to figure things out—there is great training and equipping for you so that you can equip the boys and girls you serve. In addition to using your gifts, you will enjoy the benefits on serving with a team. Perhaps the greatest benefit, however, is knowing and discipling boys and girls in your church family.

Interested in learning more? Contact Children's Ministries Director, Judy Hollander