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God at Work in Uganda

God is doing a great work in the lives of orphans in Uganda and in the life of our church as well. Robin Willford, a First Free member, was a part of our recent March trip to Uganda with the Global Orphan Project. You will see what God is doing through her answers below. I hope you will consider how you can be more of a part of missions at First Free, whether it be going, sending, praying, welcoming, or training!

1) Looking back now, why do you think God had you go on this trip?

I think God had me go on this trip to learn to trust him more, and to get a bigger view of his work in the world and how I can be involved in that work.

2) How did you see God work on this trip?

I saw the huge difference in the lives of the kids at the Father's House--they were love and cared for so well. They were happy and displayed a great love for Jesus. Even the kids outside the orphanage were always hanging around and watching--we could tell they wished they were part of what was going on there.

3) What was the hardest part of the trip? Did God teach you something through it?

There were many things that I found hard about this trip, but the worst was when I scratched my cornea. I think a piece of dust got trapped under my contact, which I sleep in, and when I woke up and took it out the pain was terrible. Being in need of medical care in a third world country that was so poor and unfamiliar was scary to me. But the Lord had it all under control--Dr. Allison, our guide, had a friend there who could recommend the hospital's eye clinic. She took me there and knew just what to do and say, and I got good care and was able to continue the trip. I learned to trust God more through that experience, and through other times that I felt a bit scared/unsafe while in Uganda. I don't know if we really were unsafe, but it felt that way to me, and I had to rely on God's protection in a way that I haven't before--and he proved himself faithful every time.

4) Did this trip impact how you view your role in ministry and missions for the future?

This trip gave me even more respect and admiration for those who leave home to be a missionary overseas. I'm sure my role is one of supporter, and I want to do so more faithfully in both prayer and financial support.

5) Anything else you want to share? A story or highlight?

One of my favorite memories is from when we were in Gulu, in the north of Uganda. We had spent time playing with the kids and their caretakers, called “mamas,” and then gathered everyone together to give the mamas gifts and pray for them. We asked the kids to pray for the mamas too, and they all covered their faces with their hands and started praying so sincerely and sweetly for their mamas, all at the same time. It was so moving to see the love of God at work in those kids and mamas whose lives were so unimaginably hard before they came to the Father's House.