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God at Work in Zambia 2015

First Free sent five short-term missions teams this summer to join missions partners in Moldova, Zambia, Albania, Russia, and the Czech Republic. Be encouraged by this report of how God was at work in Zambia through our short-term team this summer, and is still at work through our missions partner Village of Hope!

Dear friends and family,

As we report back to you we want to thank you once again for being a crucial part of our time at Village of Hope in Zambia. Praise God for your faithfulness. We are excited to fill you in on how he is working.

Our team of nine kept busy! Land clearing, vehicle repair, teacher education, curriculum preparation, physicals on around 500 children, planning for a piggery, plans for expanding the secondary school and building relationships were the tasks we set to gladly. Several of us even got to teach in some of the vocational classes. The opportunity to see what the current needs are and to be able to come back and share with you is such a privilege.

The work at VOH is never ending. Two new classrooms are in the construction phase with several more needed over the next year. One building that was under construction last year is now a preschool. This is a great addition as there are now six children ages 2-5 in the village. At least two more children's cottages are needed soon in the village. Apartments are being built for the older children to eventually occupy and plans are being made to raise pigs on the property. The vocational programs are a tremendous addition to the school. Currently, the possibility of building a clinic on VOH property up by the road is being discussed. What a need there is for this! Please pray for wisdom and provision in this area. Praise God for how he is working in this place and seeing to the needs of these vulnerable children! We were so awed and inspired as we see how so much changes and grows from year to year.

The needs are great but God is greater still. Keep praying for Kathleen and Benedict as they deal with growing needs and growing children. Two new children came to stay at the village while our team was there. They had run away from their home - which had 30 people living in it. After speaking with the grandmother she asked how many more children VOH could take. The two young children that had walked for miles were squeezed into two already full houses - but no one complained. They were lovingly accepted. Children are being reached for Christ in the school and in the village. Just this past May one of the brilliant and lovely young ladies that came to VOH in 2013 from living with her mother in prison accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

Praise God! Pray for the children God has placed at Village of Hope. They are smart, loving, caring and creative kids. But they have been through more than their short years should contain. Pray for hurts to be healed and that they have a strong grasp on the love of our Savior.

What can you do? Pray, pray and pray. There is much hope in some very dark places in Zambia. God is working. As always I encourage you to keep up on current news by visiting the website or signing up for newsletters from VOH.

As always you are welcome to hit us up for more details or in-depth stories.

We have a lot to share. We can't thank you enough for being on our team. We are grateful for you all.

In Christ,

Levi, Noah and Charity