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How Are You Connected?

[This article was previously published in our March newsletter.]

The elders of our church have taken an intentional role in “knowing” the flock. As our staff team has followed suit, we have realized that we are unaware of how a number of you are relationally connected. Furthermore, we have not done as good of a job as we should have done in knowing all the ministries you currently serve in as well as any outside ministries in which you participate.

In an effort to grow in our “knowing” of the flock, we’ve prepared a survey that we’d like you to take.

The point of the survey is to provide our staff team centralized information about several key connection points including: which elder(s) and staff you’re relationally connected to, what ABF or Small Group you’re attending, where you’re serving (within and outside the church).

We would love if you’d give us less than ten minutes of your time to let us know how you are connected.

Take the survey>>>

We are praying for you and love you,
Pastor Jeremy and the First Free Staff Team