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Memorization: An Interview with Michal Rector

Michal Rector is a young mom who attends Tuesday Connection Bible Study. Here she shares how memorizing God’s Word has impacted her life this semester.

What have you been memorizing this semester?
The book of Philippians. So far I have chapters 1-3 memorized and I am currently working on chapter 4.

What have been motivations for you to begin and continue this endeavor (practical motivations, spiritual, heart needs, struggles, etc)?
My first motivation for memorizing the whole book of Philippians was my husband, who memorized Philippians and Romans. I guess I thought that if he can do it, why can’t I?

My second motivation was to know God. It sounds simple enough, but what better way to know God than to know his Word by heart.

What has been the best method for you to memorize effectively?
My method is to write each verse on a note card and tape 4-5 cards at a time up in my kitchen. I work on those verses while cooking or washing dishes each day. When I have those verses learned, I switch them out for new ones. Then when I have a large chunk memorized I review, review, review.

I have also been using an app on my phone called Fighter Verses. The app allows me to select any verse(s) and quiz myself by using fill in the blank or a word bank. But whatever method, always reviewing!

What fruit have you seen from memorizing God's Word (past or present)? How has memorizing God's Word impacted your walk with Christ this semester?
There are a few places in Philippians, such as 2:4-11 or 3:17-21, that really get me excited when I’m reciting them to myself. I start thinking how awesome our God really is and how much we have to look forward to in eternity with Him. Having this as a daily reminder helps put things in perspective when I’m frustrated with my kids or dreading cooking another meal. Trivial things in light of what God has done.

Have you seen any benefits from planting your mind in God's Word & meditating on it in this manner in your daily life (i.e. interactions with kids, hubby, relatives, friends, worry, fear, unrest, etc)?
One benefit from memorizing Philippians so intensely is that the scriptures are always at the forefront of my mind. Various verses easily come to mind throughout my day when I am thankful for someone, when I rejoice in the Lord or stand in awe of his resurrection.