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More than a Movement, Part 2


We live in an age of movements. Whether it’s technological, political, or social—movements bombard us and call us to action. Calling us to imagine a better future. Calling us to leave our mark on the world.

Yet there is one movement that has outlasted them all. One movement that has turned the world upside down. One movement greater than any human effort. The very movement of God.

Join us as we return to the book of Acts. In part one we journeyed with the disciples from the Lord’s ascension, the coming of the Holy Spirit, the descriptions of life together, the stoning of Stephen and the calling of Paul, ending with chapter 12. If you missed this time together you can find the first part of the series here.

Over the next three months we will return to the story of Jesus’ first followers as they continue to participate in the movement of God. We'll learn about the movement of God to call a people unto himself, the movement of God’s kingdom breaking into all the earth. We will see how God has moved, and is continuing to move among his people, and how God is continuing to call people like us into his movement throughout the world.

Series Schedule:
April 28 - Acts 13
May 5 - Acts 14
May 12 - Acts 15:1-35
May 19 - Acts 15:36-16:40
May 26 - Acts 17
June 2 - Acts 18
June 9 - Acts 19
June 16 - Acts 20:1-21:16
June 23 - Acts 21:17-22:29
June 30 - Acts 22:30-24:27
July 7 - (Not in series)
July 14 - Acts 25-26
July 21 - Acts 27-28:16
July 28 - Acts 28:17-31

There are many great resources on the book of Acts, but here are few to help you dive deeper: