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Recommended Resources for Family Worship

Parents, in my sermon last Sunday I mentioned a number of resources for using in family worship. I have benefited from these resources and would recommend that you start here if you’d like help with this important time with your family.



Both of these Bibles do a great job of showing the larger storyline of the Bible and how it all points to Christ. In fact, I’d recommended them as reading for anyone wanting to get a better grasp of how all the Bible holds together. These are a favorite in my home and are used in our Children’s Ministries.

Jesus Storybook Bible, by Sally Lloyd-Jones

Big Picture Story Bible, By David Helm


Catechism is simply teaching through a question and answer format. Many people will memorize a catechism’s questions and answers along with Bible verses that correspond to the answers. It’s proven to be a helpful structure in my home for family worship.

New City Catechism
Great for both children and adults, New City has shorter and longer answers to the questions so you can chose what will work best for your family. This catechism was released in 2012 by Tim Keller in partnership with The Gospel Coalition. It can be accessed on their website or downloaded as an interactive app for the iPad. You can also download and print the pdf if you’d like to use a paper copy.

First Catechism
This catechism is good for young children. Its format is very simple with age-appropriate vocabulary. It would be a great foundation to build on as your kids grow older. First Catechism is used in our Kindergarten class on Sunday mornings. If you are interested this resource Judy Hollander has a few copies available.


Both of these books do a great job of talking about why family worship is important, but they also both give practical suggestions and tips for what family worship might look like in your family.

A Neglected Grace, by Jason Helopoulos

Family Worship, by Donald Whitney
We have copies of this resource available to give away. Let Judy Hollander know if you are interested!