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Renew 20-21 Update

One month down! We’re excited with the progress happening as Conco and their team are hard at work. Below are a few snapshots from right before construction as well as what some of those spaces look like now during the current demolition and remodel.

We are also at a point in construction where we can have a window installed in the temporary wall by the elevator. Make sure to stop and take a peek at the ongoing construction. Again, thank you for all your support and excitement as this project continues to move ahead!

12-3 Prep1.JPEG

12-3 Prep2.JPEG

12-3 Office
The two pictures above are both looking toward the office from the area just outside the chapel. 

12-3 From Gym
Looking from the gym doors at what used to be Room D6 and the bathrooms. 

12-3 Steeple