Renew 20-21 Project Update

July 21, 2021 | by: First Free | 0 comments

Our Renew 20-21 project is taking some big steps in the next few months and we are getting very excited.
The gym and courtyard have served our church family so well since they were built forty to fifty years ago, and we are excited to renovate them as we build for the next fifty years of God’s work in Wichita. It is such a significant opportunity and stewardship to shape this home where God’s people have been gathering for decades.
We recently hit 80% of the original $2 million estimate and so we are ready to take some next steps. Of course 80% is not 100%! Our goal is to fully fund this project and with your help and perseverance we can get there.

As we take some significant steps over the next few months here is an update of what’s ahead for this project.

Finalizing Project Plans: 
During the summer various teams are working with the architect to finalize plans for the remodel.
Finalizing Cost: 
Very soon subcontractors will be reviewing the project and submitting their bids to our main contractor, Conco. From these, Conco will determine our guaranteed maximum price (GMP). This may not be a common term in your world but the GMP is a contract that sets a maximum limit on the cost of the construction project.
Could the cost be more than $2 million?
Yes, and it probably will be a little over $2 million. So far we have been planning based on an estimate from the contractor, and we expect the GMP to be very close. However, prices have gone up a little bit, and we are a few months behind where we wanted to be. 
Is that really the total cost?
The finalized cost of the project essentially involves three things: contractor GMP, architect fees, and furnishings. Our original estimate of $2 million looked at all these items, and the finalized cost will include them all as well.
Giving the Go Ahead:
After we have a finalized price the Elders will decide whether or not to go ahead with the project. At our members meeting in January 2020 the congregation voted to spend up to 2.3 million on this construction project ($2M +/- 15%) and that construction could begin with Elder approval once we had 80% of the finalized price on hand. To-date we have a little over $1.65M raised!
Construction Begins:
Assuming all goes well we expect to begin construction in early fall 2021. That’s when the real fun begins. Construction could last up to six months, so we will be getting creative with our building space for a little while.
How can you continue to help with Renew 20-21?
1. Pray
Please keep this remodel in your prayers. Pray for the continued raising of funds. Pray for those who will be working on our building—that they would be safe and that they would know God. And pray that this remodel would be good for our church home.
2. Give
We are so grateful for your generosity so far in helping us renew our church home. As we get ready to start construction, we invite you to join us in fully funding this project. It can’t happen without you. Your giving to our weekly ministry is so important and we know that additional giving to projects like this is sacrificial and truly an overflow of a generous heart.

We thank God for you and your partnership in ministry!
The Renew 20-21 Team



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