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Ten Ways to Connect with Your Neighbors over the Holidays


Where you live is no accident. Do you believe that? I know it might seem inconsequential, but the truth is, wherever you live is the place God has sent you (John 20:21). Your neighborhood is the key place where you are called to exhibit the love of God, care for your neighbors, and welcome others just as the Father has welcomed you.

But how? Well, every season provides unique opportunities for us to connect with our neighbors. Here are ten ideas that take advantage of the holiday season.

  1. Invite neighbors over to join your family Thanksgiving, especially those who might not have family to be with over the holiday.
  2. Offer to rake an elderly neighbor’s leaves, hang christmas lights, or shovel their driveway.
  3. Attend fall and Christmas events in your neighborhood and throughout Wichita.
  4. Create Christmas cards or bake some Christmas cookies and deliver them in person to your neighbors (You can send me some too!).
  5. Go caroling in your neighborhood or a nearby retirement community.
  6. Host a Chief’s football game watch party.
  7. Invite your neighbors to our Bethlehem Promise Christmas program (Dec. 8) or our Christmas Eve service.
  8. If you see your neighbor out in their yard, go talk to them.
  9. Invite neighbors over for a holiday movie night (FYI, Die Hard is not a Christmas movie).
  10. Most importantly: Commit to pray for your neighbors by name through the rest of this year.

If you do use one of these ideas, or your own, let us know! We want to know how it goes. Email me your story of reaching out to connect with your neighbor.