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The Easter 1K Project

Easter Sunday is right around the corner---April 20th this year. As an effort to share the good news with more people, I’ve initiated the Easter 1K Project for First Free!

The Easter 1K Project is loosely based on Bible Mission International’s “1:10 Project” leading up to Christmas. In that project, thousands of believers scattered across the former Soviet Union each deliver 10 gift bags to people around them, with information about their church and the gospel message inside. As I heard about that, I thought, “why shouldn’t we do something similar here? It could lead to so many conversations about the gospel!”

Our goal is to hand out 1,000 gift bags leading up to Easter. We are NOT going to have a big event where we meet up and canvas a neighborhood. Instead, the goal is for each of us to individually give these bags to friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members that are not following Jesus. Through these relationships, I pray that the gift bags will lead to meaningful opportunities to tell people more about Jesus, so that they can be saved! If most of those people around you are believers, I encourage you to consider giving a bag to someone you interact with regularly, such as a hairstylist, mechanic, barista, or grocery store clerk.

What’s in the bag? Each bag has the “Two Roads” gospel booklet and an invitation to our Good Friday and Easter services. It’s a great time of year to invite people to church! But it is crucial that you add something personal to the bag. A gift bag with just a booklet and invitation doesn’t weigh very much! Here are some suggestions of gifts you could add: homemade goodies, a $5 coffee shop gift card, tea, homemade trail mix, a nice pen, a book or DVD, or anything else you think would bless the recipient of the bag.

The bags will be available in the Courtyard and the West Foyer on April 6 and 13. We need everyone to take at least one bag, and some of you to take five or ten, in order to get all 1,000 of them out. Will you take a bag and help explain the gospel to someone? Let’s pray and see what God will do through the Easter 1K project!