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The Lion's Roar


How do you know if you’re going the wrong way? What would it take to get your attention? To wake you up to the needs of the vulnerable, the outcast, and the oppressed?

Grieved by their idolatry and the injustice it perpetuates, the Lord comes like the roaring of a lion, warning of imminent judgment. A judgment no offering or song can turn away. For a God who desires renewed lives will not settle for stale ritual.

The Lord is roaring. Will we listen?

On August 12 we will begin a six-week series listening to the book of Amos, a shepherd and a farmer called by God. Amos announces God’s warning of judgment to the people of Israel. That those who have broken covenant might hear with their ears, see with their eyes, and know that godly worship leads to a life of justice and righteousness.

Before beginning this series, we'd encourage you to do two things. 1) Read the book of Amos and familiarize yourself with it's message. 2) Watch The Bible Project video below to get an overview of the book. It's our hope that these two things will help you prepare to listen.