Ladies Summer Study

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  • Every Tuesday until July 14, 2020 | 9:30am – 10:30am

This year our Summer Study will look a little different. We’ll individually read and study Lydia Brownback’s book Flourish: How the Love of Christ Free Us from Self-Focus and then come together for an online discussion, or you can meet with up with a friend to discuss! The six chapters and study guide will help us dig into the Word to see how worldly influences can threaten to warp our understanding of how to live a flourishing, abundant, Christlike life.

Brownback pointedly writes in her introduction: “Are we self-lovers…? We might be—if we define ourselves by what people think of us. We might be—if we believe that walking with Jesus is all about maximizing our personal potential. We might be—if we allow our feelings to govern our choices. We might be—if we think Jesus saved us primarily to make our daily life more comfortable. We might be—if we allow some sin, whether past or present, to define us. Fixating on ourselves never accomplishes what we hope it will, so we need to let go of it and fixate on someone else—the Lord Jesus Christ. God’s Word—and true biblical teaching—is all about him.”

Here’s how to join us!

  1. Take a look at the book online: WTS Bookstore | Crossway | Amazon
  2. Order the book.
  3. Sign up by June 1 and we'll be in touch to confirm details and schedule the online discussion times.

If you have questions, please contact Jo Coltrain, (316) 461-9517.