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Wisdom and God's Will

July 7, 2013 Preacher: Lucas McGarity Series: Proverbs: The Wisdom of God

Sermon Questions
 â–ª  Do you tend to over-plan or under-plan?
 â–ª  Read Proverbs 16:9 and 19:21. Why should we plan when God is sovereign?
 â–ª  What does it look like to plan in disbelief of God’s control? Do you have a tendency to do this?
 â–ª  Read Proverbs 21:5 and 24:27. When is your planning the weakest? When is your planning the strongest? Why?
 â–ª  Read Proverbs 15:22 and 19:20. How do you tend to treat counsel? 
 â–ª  How do you want to see your attitude toward planning begin to change?

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