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Wisdom and the Forbidden Woman

July 14, 2013 Preacher: Josh Black Series: Proverbs: The Wisdom of God

Passage: Proverbs 7:1–7:27

Sermon Questions
 â–ª  Describe a situation where you felt lured into making a big purchase. How did it happen?
 â–ª  Read Proverbs 7:1-27. What does temptation and seduction look like and what are its consequences?
 â–ª  Why do darkness and sin dwell together? Why is being secretive so dangerous to the Christian life?
 â–ª  Is your relational tank full of meaningful relationships? What are things you could do to help build the meaningful relationships you need for wise living?
 â–ª  Read Proverbs 7:18-20. How does being absent from the home open the door to forbidden relationships and what does absence look like?
 â–ª  Read Proverbs 7:1-5 & 24-27. What can you do to treasure the words of God and blot your ears to the smooth words of the forbidden woman?

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