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Tempering Our Tempers

July 21, 2013 Preacher: Josh Black Series: Proverbs: The Wisdom of God

Sermon Questions
 â–ª  Describe a time when you were recently angry by answering the following questions. What made you angry (what were you “against”)? Were you justified in your anger? Were you righteous in the way you expressed your anger? Were there any consequences of your anger? In light of the sermon on anger, how would you change the way you acted – how would you be slow to anger? (Prov. 16:32; 19:11; 29:11)
 â–ª  What consistently makes you angry? What might be going on in your heart that contributes to this consistent anger? What are you zealous/jealous for? (Prov. 14:29-30; cf. 27:3-4)
 â–ª  Do you have any hot tempered people in your life? How do you act around someone who is prone to anger? In light of the sermon on anger, how might you change the way you interact with this person? (Prov. 15:1)
 â–ª  How does the concept of mercy change your view of anger, your view of God, and how you’ll handle anger in the future?

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