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The Blessing of Jacob

May 18, 2014 Preacher: Jordan Krahn Series: Genesis: The Spread of Grace, Part 2

Passage: Genesis 30:25–30:43

Sermon Questions
â–ª Read Genesis 30:25-43. Do you ever feel you have sinned too much for God to forgive you? Why would God bless Jacob when Jacob continues to perpetually sin to get God’s blessing?
 â–ª Do you believe that God will bless you despite your sin? What are the dangers and comforts with this belief? In other words, how should we be properly warned and encouraged by this idea?
 â–ª Do you identify more with Laban or Jacob? How has God kept his promises to you when people have sinned against you? How has God kept his promises to you despite your own sin?
 â–ª What do you find in your life that can cause you to forget God’s promises and turn to your own way?

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