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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

June 1, 2014 Preacher: Josh Black Series: Genesis: The Spread of Grace, Part 2

Passage: Genesis 32:1–32:32

Sermon Questions
▪ Read Genesis 32:22-32. Who is Jacob’s biggest problem?
 ▪ What does it mean to strive with God to enter the kingdom? Why must we strive with God? And how does that fit with being saved by grace?
 ▪ Why must humiliation (guilt) come before exaltation (salvation) in the Christian life?
 ▪ If “limping” is the posture of the saint, what does brokenness and total dependence on God look like today? Does total dependence on God mean total inaction on our part? How does that work?
 ▪ Where is self-reliance affecting your walk with God? How can we pray for you to grow in dependence on God?

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