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Work As Vocation

July 27, 2014 Series: Work Matters

Sermon Questions
 â–ª What’s the best part of your vocation? What’s the worst part?
 â–ª Miroslov Volf says, “The Spirit of God calls, endows, and empowers Christians to work in their various vocations.” Do you agree that your spiritual gifts are not only for the church, but for your vocation as well? Why or why not?
 â–ª How has God’s Spirit gifted you? What are some practical ways you can use those gifts in your vocation?
 â–ª Is your current vocation a fit for the talents and gifts the Holy Spirit has given you? How can you begin to make that evaluation?
 â–ª Who are the wise counselors speaking into your vocational life?
 â–ª What do your life experiences tell you about how God has gifted you for your vocation?

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