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Work As Witness

August 10, 2014 Preacher: Curt Romig Series: Work Matters

Passage: 1 Peter 2:9–2:12

Sermon Questions
 â–ª Pastor Curt said evangelism is for all Christians. Who is someone you have a burden to share the gospel with?
 â–ª Have you ever met someone who has never heard the gospel?
 â–ª 1 Peter 2:9-12 talks about Christians’ identity as chosen people. What are some ways that you can remind yourself of who you are in Christ on a regular basis?
 â–ª Do you think non-believers around you view you as an obnoxious Christian, just another guy/gal, or an honorable proclaimer of Christ?
 â–ª In your work, do you struggle most with having a focus of loving God, loving your neighbor, or making disciples?
 â–ª Where are you finding success in living out the Christian life in your vocation? Where are you struggling?

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