Hard of Hearing

Sermon Questions
- Do you find Classical Music or Jazz hard to listen to? Why or why not?
- In Mark 7:24-8:9 we learn that the gospel is for the Gentiles. The Jews were repulsed by the Gentiles. What group of people are hardest for you to want to share the gospel with?
- In Mark 8:14-21 Jesus is shouting at his disciples because they’re hard of “hearing.” They still don’t get the significance of Jesus. Are there areas of your life where you feel like God is shouting at you?
- The Pharisees had plenty of education, yet they didn’t “hear” Jesus (Mk. 8:11-13). The disciples had plenty of experience and time with Jesus, yet they didn’t “hear” Jesus up to this point in the Gospel (Mk. 8:14-21). What is the role of education and experience in the Christian life?
- In Mark 7:31-37 Jesus heals a deaf man. This teaches us that our spiritual hearing loss can only be healed by the “touch” of God. How should this truth inform your evangelism, our missions efforts, and your own spiritual growth?