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A Genuine Faith

February 22, 2015 Preacher: Jeremy Krause Series: Mark: Who Do You Say That I Am?

Passage: Mark 11:1–25

Sermon Questions
- Are there any products that you believe the genuine/original/authentic is far superior to the generic/alternative/substitute? (.e.g. name brand Kleenex, automobiles, consumer goods). What’s your response when you’re forced to use the generic?
- It’s not uncommon for those new to the Christian faith to pray “me-centered” prayers. Can you recall any examples of “me-centered” prayers that were less about Jesus and more about you?
- Is your current prayer life and worship marked more by “Deliverance from Rome” (what you want Jesus to do) than who God is and how he has revealed himself (who the Bible says Jesus is
and what he’s called you to do)?
- We find three subsections in Mark 11:12-25, organized by what some call “sandwiching.” Would someone please explain this literary device and how it is to assist a reader in identifying emphasis (A: 12-14 and 20-25 is the bread of the sandwich while 15-19 is the most important part—the middle of the sandwich).
- If this text isn’t really about figs and a fruitless tree, what is the point that Mark's trying to make?
- Genuine spiritual worship is to lead to prayer and forgiveness. What impossible prayers (that are in
accord with God’s word, vs. 23) are you praying? Who do you need to forgive?

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