Fear or Faith?

Sermon Questions
- Have you or someone you know ever witnessed a crime? Did you/they have to give a testimony?
- Jesus’ death and resurrection were validated by witnesses. Why is the historical nature of Christ’s death and resurrection critical for the Christian faith?
- The Book of Mark ends at 16:8. It ends on a negative note! The women are afraid to go and tell the disciples about the resurrection. How do Joseph’s actions (15:42-46) inform or even correct the women’s response to the resurrection (16:1-8).
- “Just because you’ve witnessed something doesn’t mean you’re willing to bear witness.” What about you? Are you willing to tell others about the death and resurrection of Christ? Are you willing to share the gospel? What fears do you have?
- How do the death and resurrection of Jesus actually allay our fears about bearing witness to the death and resurrection of Jesus?