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Finding Faith

April 26, 2015 Preacher: Josh Black Series: Joshua: Bound for the Promised Land

Passage: Joshua 2:1–2:24

Sermon Questions

- Do you think Americans will be more severely persecuted for their faith in our lifetime?

- Rahab demonstrated her faith by taking a big risk (vv. 2-7). She feared God more than the king of Jericho. Where do you struggle with fear of man? What would it take for your faith in God to be stronger than the fear of man? Pastor Josh listed serving (Eph. 2:10; 4:12), generosity (Jas. 2:25), and perseverance (Heb. 11:31) as demonstrations of faith. How is your faith being demonstrated in these areas?

- Rahab declared her faith in God as both Savior and Lord (vv. 8-11). When you talk about Jesus do you talk in generic terms? Or do you talk about him as Savior from God’s judgment and the Lord over all of life?

- Rahab showed dedication of faith when she established a covenant with Israel (vv. 12-21). She renounced her allegiance to Jericho and aligned herself with God and his people. Where do you struggle to renounce the world, the flesh, and the devil? How could you be more dedicated to Christ and his church?

- Rahab’s faith is a model for our faith today (Heb. 11:31; Jas. 2:25). If Christ were to return today would he find this kind of faith in you?

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