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Hold Fast

July 26, 2015 Preacher: Josh Black Series: Joshua: Bound for the Promised Land

Passage: Joshua 23:1–23:16

Sermon Questions

- Have you ever been given advice by someone who knew their time was short? If so, how has what they shared stayed with you?

- Read Ephesians 6:10-20. What does it look like today for God to fight for his people? What resources have we been given by God to use in the fight?

- God is a promise-keeping God. What promises has God kept in the past that can give you faith and assurance that he will continue to keep his promises in the future?

- What is the connection between love and obedience? Relationship and rules? Why is it so critical to understand how they fit together?

- Pastor Josh said “love and loyalty lean in one direction or another.” Or to quote Bob Dylan, “You’re gonna have to serve somebody.” What things compete with God for your love and loyalty?

- Read Matthew 22:34-40. Is there an area you need encouragement and accountability to love God in this way?

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