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Sin and Suffering

February 14, 2016 Preacher: Josh Black Series: Psalms of Lament: How Long O Lord?

Passage: Psalm 38:1–22

Sermon Questions
- We can’t assume suffering is always a result of sin, but we also can’t assume suffering is never a result of sin. Do you find one of these assumptions to be more common with the people you interact with? With yourself?

- What is the pattern for prayer in Psalm 38? How is that unique to when suffering is a result of sin in your life?

- In Psalm 38 we see David suffering and isolated. What are some ways we can walk alongside others in their suffering, even when it’s a result of sin. What is the role of the church community in an individual’s suffering for sin?

- Read verses 21-22. David ends the Psalm with a cry to be near to God. Is your tendency to run away from God in sin and suffering or to run toward God? Why?

- How can your small group encourage you toward a Psalm 38 kind of response to suffering as a result of sin?

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