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Vindicate Me

February 21, 2016 Preacher: Josh Black Series: Psalms of Lament: How Long O Lord?

Passage: Psalm 26:1–12

Sermon Questions
- The doubts or obstacles to faith non-believers have about Christianity have moved from theological issues (ex: Did Jesus really rise from the dead?) to more experiential issues (ex: Does your belief really transform your life?). What questions have you been asked or heard asked about Christianity in the last year? Do you think these questions are valid? Why or why not?

- Last week the sermon addressed our response to suffering when it results from our sin, this week the picture in Psalm 26 is that of one who is innocent, but still suffering. How can you relate to the psalmist in his prayer in this chapter?

- Read Psalm 26. What are the requests that the Psalmist makes in the first two verses? Why does he have the confidence to so boldly make these requests?

- As Christians, our full vindication will come in the future, but what should our lives look like between now and then? How does the psalmist describe his life?

- What role does the church play in our response to suffering when innocent? Read Hebrews 10:19-25.

- How has God worked in and through this type of suffering in your life?

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