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God's Justice

February 28, 2016 Preacher: Lucas McGarity Series: Psalms of Lament: How Long O Lord?

Passage: Genesis 137:1–9

Sermon Questions
- Read Psalm 137. What is your initial response to this Psalm or other imprecatory Psalms where the psalmist cries out for God to bring justice to the enemies of the people of God?

- Read Habakkuk 1:5-11 for a description of the Babylonians and how God raises them up to first bring judgment upon Israel. God uses Babylon, but that doesn’t make them innocent in their treatment of Israel. How does understanding the context help us understand why the Psalmist would pray like he does in Psalm 137?

- The Psalmist vows to remember Jerusalem, the place of God’s temple and the place God reigns – what does that look like for us today? How do we “set Jerusalem above our highest joy”?

- Some people use the imprecatory Psalms to question the love and goodness of God. How would you respond if someone asked you about that? How does the storyline of Scripture, which culminates in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, make a difference in the discussion?

- The judgment of God can be justly dealt to sinners, or through faith and repentance, the judgment deserved by sinners can be covered by the judgment Christ bore for the guilty on the cross. How does that affect how we pray for those who are opposed to God?

- Do you think there is a connection now between praying imprecatory Psalms and praying the enemies of God would come to repent and believe the gospel? Why or why not?

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