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March 27, 2016 Preacher: Josh Black Series: Psalms of Lament: How Long O Lord?

Passage: Psalm 110:1–7

Sermon Questions
- What are some of your favorite Easter traditions? How do they help you celebrate the resurrection?

- In Psalm 110, we see three truths about who Christ is because he is risen. What are they?

- Apathy seems to be a common response by the world to these amazing truths, perhaps even more common than outright rejection. Do you see areas of apathy creep into your own life? What are the things you’ve found most helpful in building a passion for Jesus in your own life?

- One of the pictures in Psalm 110 is of the people offering themselves freely to the king. What does this look like in the day-in, day-out routines of your life?

- Have you had an experience similar to Pastor Josh where having the right person speaking on your behalf made a big difference? How does the truth that Jesus is always interceding for his people impact you in your pursuit to follow him?

- While the future judgment of God is good news for his people because the world will finally be made right and evil finally removed, it’s also a reason to grieve for those who aren’t yet in the kingdom of God. Who are the people in your area of influence that your small group can be praying for—that God would use the his people and the good news of his gospel to bring them into his kingdom.

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