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Psalm 96

June 26, 2016 Preacher: Guest Speaker Series: Missions Month

Passage: Psalm 96:1–13

Guest Speaker: Pastor Brandon Redic

Sermon Questions
- Read Psalm 96. List all the imperatives or command found there. How are you doing in these areas?

- What are the ways in the last week that you've seen or experienced the greatness of God?

- What are the ways we can give glory to God that Pastor Brandon shared from verses 7-9.

- How does the government of God bring comfort to your daily life? What areas are you struggling to see God as reigning over all things?

- Jesus is coming back! How should this motivate you to share the good news with others? What are the reasons listed for his return in Psalm 96?

- Pick one of First Free's missions partners and spend some time praying together for them and their ministry.

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