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A Prayer for Convictional, Compassionate, and Collaborative Leaders

July 31, 2016 Preacher: Guest Speaker Series: Stand Alone Sermons

Passage: Titus 1:5–9

Guest Speaker: Dr. David Dockery

Sermon Questions:
- Read verses 1-4. Questioning the truth has always been one of Satan’s weapons against God’s people. Where do you see a tendency toward “flexodoxy” or shifting foundations of belief?

- Read verses 7-8. While these characteristics are given to guide Titus in appointing elders, they are characteristics all Christians should seek. Is there something on this list you could focus on this week.

- Leaders don’t develop these qualities after being put in leadership. How can we develop and instill these values now in the next generation of leaders?

- How can those of us who are being led affirm, encourage, and respond to our leaders as they seek to live lives of character with a commitment to hold fast to sound doctrine? What is your attitude or posture toward our leaders?

- Spend some time praying for First Free’s elders and ministry staff as well as the ministry of Trinity International University.

Ministry Staff: Mike Andrus, Josh Black, Jo Coltrain, Dick High, Judy Hollander, Tom Kluge, Jordan Krahn, Lucas McGarity, John Ni, Curt Romig, Matt Stanghelle, Phil Thengvall, Jeff Warren

Elders: Richard Anderson, Josh Black, Ken Bengtson,Rick Conklin, Jim Gustavson, Dick High, Clayton Laird, Jim Logan, Dave Netherton, Jeff Syrios, Byron West, Jamin Will, Kurt Yowell

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