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Going Deeper, Giving All

June 11, 2017 Preacher: Guest Speaker Series: Missions Month

Passage: Luke 5:1–11

Audio for this sermon is not available online. You may contact the church office about availability.

Sermon Questions
- What are some common misunderstandings of what it means to follow Jesus? 

- We see Peter respond to Jesus' words in Luke 5. How do you press into the Word of God so that you can then act on it?

- Share about a time when Jesus "got in your boat" and asked you do something that didn't make sense? How did you respond? Is there something now that Jesus it asking you to do?

- Seeing who God is gives us a clearer picture of who we are. How has your view of yourself changed as your understanding of God has grown? 

- Do you view evangelism as a burden or a privilege? How can your group encourage one another in this area?

- Do you treasure Jesus above all? Or is there a risk or obstacle to which, today, you couldn't say, "He's worth it"? 

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