The word disciple literally means "learner," one who dedicates themselves to learning the way of another. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we should be life-long learners of who he is, what the Bible teaches concerning him, and what it means to follow him. Adult Sunday morning classes at First Free are designed to do this by offering classes that both pass on the faith and equip people for ministry and Christian living. 

All are welcome to attend any class listed below, but if you're new to First Free we recommend you start with A Closer Look! Learn more here.

Fall Semester Block Two

Block Two classes meet October 23 through December 18. No registration is required.

9:00 Classes

Adults with Special Needs Class
Room A4 | Leader: Evanelle Olinger
This is a class designed to meet the needs for adults with special needs. Included in the class are Bible lessons as well as activities to support the lesson and to help build relationships among the students. We welcome anyone eighteen years or older with special needs. To help us adequately prepare to meet the needs of all students, please contact Evanelle Olinger before attending the class.

Hear What the Lord Says
Room A5 | Leader: Matt Brown
The prophet Micah tells the reader three distinct times to “hear what the LORD is saying.” Join us for a study of Micah as we look at how this ancient text teaches us about judgment, mercy, grace, and redemption; ultimately pointing to his Son!

Room B3 | Leaders: Tim Buhler and Clayton Laird
Join us as we seek to encourage one another through relationship building, interactive learning, and prayer. We will look to cover the first half of the Gospel of John and the signs Jesus performed that led to belief. In John 8:25a, the Jews ask Jesus, “Who are you?” This is a root question in John. In our study we will investigate the many signs Jesus performed that forced the culture (and ours) to take sides on Jesus’ identity. Was Jesus just an iconic man of the people, or is he the Messiah, the Son of God?

Kingdom Living
Room A6 | Leaders: Dave Netherton, Dana Ferrell, Ken Chouinard
As believers we are called to live in God’s kingdom here on earth. What does that look like? We will discuss how to think and live biblically in our homes, workplaces, church relationships, community, and in dealing with current events. The class will be highly interactive and is open to people of all ages and life stages.

Reading Through Revelation
Room B4 | Leaders: Cary Lavender, Paul Lindstrom, Pat Moyer
Using a “Read Through the Bible” format, we will individually read, and then discuss as a group, the book of Revelation. Using a “Read Through the Bible” format, we will individually read, and then discuss as a group, the book of Revelation. This book is an account of the vision that the apostle John received from God while he was exiled on the Isle of Patmos. John’s exile occurred as persecution of early Christians was intensifying in the Roman world. Against this backdrop, Revelation contains warnings against disobedience and unbelief as well as encouragement to persevere in the faith in light of the promise of eternal life in the presence of Jesus.

10:45 Classes

Acts Part 1: The Early Church
Room B3 | Leaders: Steve Nave and Wes Penner
Join us as we study the first twelve chapters of the book of Acts. We have much to learn from the early church as they were called to humble obedience and believed the promises of Christ. As a result, they experienced the power of the Spirit, shared the hope of the gospel, and lives were changed!

Pondering Proverbs
Room A6 | Leaders: Various
We’ll continue to engage in an interactive study of Proverbs, looking at these wise and divinely inspired observations to interpret how they fit in our lives today. Join us as we encourage each other and learn together as we grow in Christ.