The word disciple literally means "learner," one who dedicates themselves to learning the way of another. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we should be life-long learners of who he is, what the Bible teaches concerning him, and what it means to follow him. Adult Sunday morning classes at First Free are designed to do this by offering classes that both pass on the faith and equip people for ministry and Christian living. 

All are welcome to attend any class listed below, but if you're new to First Free we recommend you start with A Closer Look! Learn more here.

Spring Block 1

Classes meet January 31 through April 4. We are asking everyone to wear a mask and will maintain social distance as much as is feasible in the classrooms.

9:30 Classes

Adults with Special Needs Class
Room B4 | Leader: Evanelle Olinger
This is a class designed to meet the needs for adults with special needs. Included in the class are Bible lessons as well as activities to support the lesson and to help build relationships among the students. We welcome anyone eighteen years or older with special needs. To help us prepare adequately to meet the needs of all students, please contact Evanelle Olinger before attending the class.

Built on the Solid Rock
Choir Rehearsal Hall | Facilitators: Philip Ingram, Jonny Rector, Jordan Green, Joe Woodward, Dominick Wong
As we move through our chaotic culture it’s always good to go back to the basics. In this class we will study the basics of church life. We will hit on key topics that help us grow in our walk with Christ individually as well as corporately. Some of the topics include the gospel, expositional preaching, race, and missions among others.

Look at the Book
Room B3 | Facilitators: Clayton Laird and Kurt Yowell
Look at the Book
is a video series of short, ten-minute inductive Bible studies led by John Piper.  We will start with Romans 8 which Piper calls "the greatest chapter of the ever written."  Join us for fellowship, prayer, and plenty of time for discussion over each section of scripture together.

11:00 Classes

Minor Epistles
Room A5 | Facilitators: Cary Lavender, Paul Lindstrom, and Pat Moyer
Using a “Read Through the Bible” format, we will study Paul's letters of encouragement and instruction to the early churches. In his letters to the believers in Colossae and Thessalonica, Paul specifically addresses issues such as the supremacy of Christ and his return! Participants are asked to read the chapter(s) designated each week and come Sunday morning prepared to share questions, insights, and comments as we discuss God’s Word and encourage one another.

Your God Is Too Small
Zoom Only | Facilitator: Jim Fast
Join us as we discuss J.B. Phillips' book Your God is Too Small: A Guide for Believers and Skeptics Alike. In this forty-year-old Christian classic and bestseller, Phillips directly confronts today’s ideas about God which can be inadequate and misleading. He points out that for many persons the greatest stumbling block to a mature faith lies in the fact that they haven't found a God big enough for their needs--big enough to "account for" life, and to command their respect and worship. Demolishing notions of God as the resident policeman, or as an old man with old-fashioned ideas, Phillips shows why the reader must seek God where he has most clearly revealed himself--in the man Jesus Christ. Come ready to think and discuss as well as to connect with other class members through caring and praying for each another. If you would like to join this Zoom class, please email Jo Coltrain for information on how to connect.