The word disciple literally means "learner," one who dedicates themselves to learning the way of another. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we should be life-long learners of who he is, what the Bible teaches concerning him, and what it means to follow him. Adult Sunday morning classes at First Free are designed to do this by offering classes that both pass on the faith and equip people for ministry and Christian living. 

All are welcome to attend any class listed below, but if you're new to First Free we recommend you start with A Closer Look! Learn more here.

Fall Semester Block One

Block One classes meet August 14 through October 16. No registration is required.

9:00 Classes

Adults with Special Needs Class
Room A4 | Leader: Evanelle Olinger
This is a class designed to meet the needs for adults with special needs. Included in the class are Bible lessons as well as activities to support the lesson and to help build relationships among the students. We welcome anyone eighteen years or older with special needs. To help us adequately prepare to meet the needs of all students, please contact Evanelle Olinger before attending the class.

The Book of Mark
Room B2 | Leader: Matt Brown
In a world where empty promises, oppression, and deception run amok, what are we to trust and proclaim? Are we left to our own demise? Do we accept that truth is simply a product of one’s own perception of reality? Mark tells us at the very beginning of his book the answer to these questions and more: “This is the good news about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God.” Join us as we explore this gospel and see how the Son of God radically changed the world!

Faithful Living in a Strange New World
Room A5 | Leader: Jonny Rector, Jeff Syrios, Jordan Green
The goal of this course is to identify, evaluate, and engage the prevailing worldview that derives ultimate meaning from personal authenticity and sexual freedom. As we become familiar with the historical and cultural predecessors of the sexual revolution, we will use Scripture to build a Christian worldview which will help us protect and lead our families as strangers in a strange land. This course is based on the book Strange New World: How Thinkers and Activists Redefined Identity and Sparked the Sexual Revolution by Carl Trueman.

Kingdom Living
Room A6 | Leaders: Dave Netherton, Dana Ferrell, Ken Chouinard
As believers we are called to live in God’s kingdom here on earth. What does that look like? We will discuss how to think and live biblically in our homes, workplaces, church relationships, community, and in dealing with current events. The class will be highly interactive and is open to people of all ages and life stages.

Reading Through Judges and Ruth
Room B4 | Leaders: Cary Lavender, Paul Lindstrom, Pat Moyer
Using a “Read Through the Bible” format, we will individually read, and then discuss as a group, the books of Judges and Ruth. The book of Judges presents a violent and disturbing account of Israel’s descent into the pagan cesspool that God had commanded them to remove. Israel repeatedly follows the cycle of apostasy, oppression, repentance, deliverance, and peace, followed by a return to sin and apostasy. Included among six major judges and six minor judges are the familiar stories of Deborah, Gideon, and Sampson. Set in the time of the judges, the book of Ruth is an illustration of God’s plan to redeem his people. Godly Boaz takes Ruth as his wife, fulfilling his role as kinsman redeemer. From this marriage flows the line of God’s plan through King David and eventually to King Jesus.

Tough Questions from Ecclesiastes
Room B3 | Leaders: Tim Buhler and Clayton Laird
In a contemporary culture that takes our eyes off God’s purpose for us, we lose the perspective of the end of all things. Meaningfulness out of meaninglessness and a view of purpose “from above” brings a redemptive perspective to all that consumes us “from below, under the sun.” Join us as we seek to encourage one another in the faith through interactive learning, relationship, and prayer.

10:45 Classes

Enlightening Epitaphs of the Kings and Prophets
Room B3 | Leaders: Steve Nave and Wes Penner
Following the United Monarchy under Saul, David, and Solomon, the kings of Israel and Judah tell a remarkable story of three centuries of sin, apostasy, failure, judgment, and even occasional faithfulness. God sent them prophets, some well-known like Elijah and Elisha, and some lesser-known like Micaiah, to warn them of the consequences of ungodly leadership. There is much we can learn from their examples, negatively and positively, about how to respond to God’s ultimate kingship over his people.

Pondering Proverbs
Room A6 | Leaders: Various
We’ve had the privilege on Sunday mornings of hearing the first part of Proverbs preached these past few months. We’ll engage in an interactive study continuing to look at these wise and divinely inspired observations to interpret how they fit in our lives today. Join us as we encourage each other and learn together as we grow in Christ!