Women's Ministries

Whether it's gathering together around the Word, serving others together, or just connecting over your latest project there are many opportunities for women to meet and encourage one another in growing as disciples of Jesus Christ.

We also have a number of special women's events throughout the year---watch the upcoming events page for details on events like the Gala in the Garden, Traditions Tea, and others! 

Bible Study Opportunites

Tuesday Connection
Tuesdays, 9:15-11:30 am
Begins February 2 | Cost is $10, scholarships available 
Please contact Jo Coltrain by January 25th if interested in joining.

We will meet here at the church for large-group teaching time as well as time in small groups. We’ll follow the same mitigations that we observe on Sunday mornings, i.e. masks and social distancing. Limited childcare is available.

Other options include meeting in a small group in a home throughout the week, either during the day or in the evening.

Zeal: A Bible Study on Titus for Women
This Bible study written by Keri Folmar will help us dig deep into this short letter to Titus written by the apostle Paul. Paul had planted churches in towns on the island of Crete leaving Titus to oversee these fledgling gatherings. Paul’s letter addresses church governance but has also been called a manifesto for the Christian life. Taking our cue from Paul’s instructions to the original readers, we’ll be able to draw applications for today in order to guard sound doctrine, live godly lives, and protect and advance the precious gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Mothers of Children with Special Needs Bible Study
Second and fourth Tuesdays, 6:30 pm
Contact: Evanelle Olinger
If you have a child with special needs, visible or not, come meet with other moms who desire to grow in their knowledge of God, learn to put on his character, and live in relationship with others as disciples of Jesus Christ. Contact Evanelle for more details. 

Service Opportunities

Pastors' Wives Encouragement Team
Contact: Jo Coltrain
Sign up to receive monthly emails which will include a reminder to pray for each of these women plus the “inside scoop” as we highlight one of our friends each month for you to know them better. You’ll also be notified of ways that you can help provide for their practical needs as they arise, such as meals after surgery, or help with babysitting when the new baby arrives, etc..

Interest Groups

Craft Club
Contact: Jillian Brotherton, (316) 249-2973
Bring your scrapbooking or other crafts and enjoy some extended time to make progress on your projects while getting to spend time with other women. The group usually meets the second Friday of the month from 5 to 11 pm and occasionally adds a Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm. Let Jillian know if you’d like to be added to the email list.

First Free Homeschool Group
Contact: Shelly Sinclair, (913) 426-6699
This group meets monthly in a variety of settings and events for the purpose of growing our relationship with one another, increasing our knowledge, and loving others as Christ loves us. All homeschooling families in our church are welcome.

First Free Moms Facebook Group
Contact: Jennifer Brannon, (316) 644-5093
Moms, use this Facebook group to connect outside of church for fun activities together, swapping clothes and baby items etc., or helping each other meet a variety of needs. Contact Jennifer to be added to the group. To join, search for “First Free Moms,” request to join, and someone will approve your request shortly.

Women of Wisdom
Contact: Jo Coltrain
This group of senior single women enjoys fellowship together through regularly planned activities of interest. In addition to having fun with one another, they desire to provide support and encouragement as they get to know one another and as they pray for each other. If you’d like to be added to the email list, please contact Jo.