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Give Thanks to the Lord

November 23, 2014 Preacher: Josh Black Series: Stand Alone Sermons

Passage: Psalm 118:1–118:29

Sermon Questions
â–ª What’s your favorite dish on Thanksgiving?
â–ª Read Psalm 118:5-9. In what ways do we trust in man to save us?
â–ª Read Psalm 118:14-18. This section of the Psalm refers back to the Exodus (Ex. 15:2, 6). How does the Lord’s salvation in the past help us to trust him?
â–ª Read Psalm 118:22-27. How do these verses point to Jesus?
â–ª Read Psalm 118:1-4, 28-29. We’re called to give thanks for the salvation we have in our Anointed King. How can the material prosperity we have distract us from Christ during the holiday season?

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