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Spirit-Empowered Witness

June 4, 2017 Preacher: Curt Romig Series: Missions Month

Passage: Acts 1:1–26

Sermon Questions
- What was the unique role and qualifications of the apostles?

- How does the witness of the church today compare and contrast with the witness of the apostles?

- Today (June 4) is Pentecost, which celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit. How have you experienced the work of the Holy Spirit in your life recently?

- The Bible is God's Spirit-inspired revelation and the record of the apostles' spirit-empowered witness. How can you make sure the Word drives your evangelism and discipleship?

- Jesus' words to the apostles in Acts 1:8 was a corrective to get them to focus outward instead of inward. How connected are you with the mission of God to send witnesses to the ends of the earth?

- One-third of the world populated doesn't have a gospel-witness in their own language. Look up an unreached people group on or Spend some time in prayer for mission opportunities at home and for ways to be involved in the gospel going wide.

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