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Answered Prayer in the Czech Republic

This year was First Free’s tenth camp partnering with the Litomerice church. We were amazed and thankful for how God used this year’s team of five: Mark, Amy, Jim, Sonya and Maureen. It was a smaller number than in previous years, but God provided just what was needed.

Maureen shares below some of the fruit of the long term relationship with the church and Pastor Pavel Kalous.

Let me tell you about the way God answers prayers:

Yarda, a very well-educated 65-70 year old Czech man, said during a Bible lesson at camp this month that he "came to learn English, not the Bible story." Anyone who knows Yarda is not surprised to hear him say this. Yarda has also attended every Christian English camp in its 10 year history, LOVES playing dominoes and games at the camp programs, and brings 4-5 friends or family members to camp every summer. Amy, one of the team leaders from Wichita calls Yarda "a great missionary." :)

This year, Yarda's grandchildren comprised 4/5 of the young women assigned to my group at camp last week. Most of the girls had known each other since they were very young, attended the camp for 5-6 years, and came into the week with a great attitude. Because of the work God has been doing for the past 10 years, the other camp leaders and I formed immediate bonds with the Czech campers.

CzechRepublic-groupAt the beginning of camp, God pointed out Kaja as someone important to pray for. She reminded me of myself as a 14 year old. Because of the relational nature of the camp, I got to know Kaja very well throughout the week, developed a heart to intercede in prayer for her, and even had the privilege of praying with her the last night of camp.

"I have been to camp for 9 years," she said, "but this year has been my favorite. The people have been so great. For 9 years I have been to camp, but this year...I believe."

In a country where "god" is listed in the dictionary as a synonym of "oh my goodness," where God is a byword more than an Actual Being, these words from Kaja were so precious. She came to believe in God because of the love and prayers poured out from other people for the past 10 years, and God let me be there to witness a special moment in her faith.

I'm so thankful to have been a part of this camp team to the Czech Republic this summer. The church members from Wichita were wonderful mentors and travel companions, and God even provided Alisha, a long-term missionary from Canada, as a co-leader for the girls group. Alisha and her mother taught me a lot about leading small groups, prayer, and healing--perfect preparation for life back in the US and future leading opportunities.

Your prayers and contributions made a big difference, and helped bring the light of Jesus to a country that needs it.

Thanks for everything,