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God At Work in NYC

Our college missions team to New York City had an amazing time. God worked in and through them in some powerful ways. By partnering with Urban Nations to work with immigrants and refugees from over 25 countries, our team made a real impact on a short 8-day trip. Below you’ll see what Kate Dorsey had to say about her experience in New York City, and what it means for her going forward. Enjoy! – Pastor Curt

1) Looking back now, why do you think God had you go on this trip?

Since August, I have watched God throw doors wide open for me in regard to missions. To be more specific, missions training. Prior to leaving for NYC I saw this trip as a tremendous training opportunity for me, not only in leadership but also in missions. Looking back I am confident that the Lord used the trip for just that (and much more!). Personal leadership skills were taught and refined throughout the entire process of preparing and then while on the ground in NYC. I also learned a lot about culture, religions, practical ministry opportunities while serving as a missionary, and had the chance to put into practice several things I have learned in Perspectives. It's as if the Lord gave me the gift of putting into practice much head knowledge all within the context of cross-cultural missions to unreached people groups. What a joy it was!!

2) How did you see God work on this trip?

So many ways! I saw God unite a team of seven very different individuals and equip us as a team for a week of intense ministry. I saw God provide the funds for us to even get to NYC. I saw God answer prayers all throughout the week we were there. I saw God place people in our paths who were ready to speak to us. I saw God encourage the long-termers who work for Urban Nations through our team and other relationships. I saw God soften the hearts of people we talked to. I saw God's word come alive at different points during the week. I saw God work in the lives of different team members whether in encouragement or in direction.

3) What was the hardest part of the trip?

Not going back to Jackson Heights after Thursday knowing all the work still to be done. As well as saying goodbye to the people I built relationship with knowing there is still so much more relationship building to be done in their lives. In other words, seeing the long-term need and being there for a short term.

4) Did this trip impact how you view your role in ministry and missions for the future?

Absolutely! On a large scale it didn't reveal anything new, but God continued to confirm the need and the reality of long-term ministry or missions and grew the discontentment of the great imbalance in my heart. I also saw a very practical vocational possibility; teaching ESL classes. One of my struggles recently has been what I would do practically speaking while on the field. I know most countries wouldn't give me a warm welcome when I tell them I got a degree in Christian Spiritual Formation and that I would love to share Christ with everyone who lives there :)

5) Should we send teams in the future to work with Urban Nations in NYC? Why or why not?

Yes! They are a ministry with a heart for the nations, specifically unreached people groups. Also, the nations keep coming to them because of the help they have to offer with free English classes. During our five days with Urban Nations, our team had conversation with people from at least 25 countries both through the centers and on the surrounding streets. This is a very strategic spot for the gospel to go wide! And Urban Nations seems to be doing well to also help the gospel go deep.

6) Anything else you want to share?

It was such a joy to share God's good news of grace with the nations. And it was a joy to walk alongside the other team members on this trip. Some of them encountered interesting experiences for the first time and others were seeing God give more direction for their lives. I loved being able to be there in support as God worked and stretched each of them.