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Look and Listen

January 11, 2015 Preacher: Curt Romig Series: Mark: Who Do You Say That I Am?

Passage: Mark 9:2–9:13

Sermon Questions
- Where are you at on the emotional roller coaster of life right now? A high mountain top? A low valley? Not knowing the next turn? Hanging upside-down?
- How do you think you would’ve reacted to seeing the Transfiguration?
- What is the evidence in Mark 9:2-13 that Jesus is the unique, fully divine Son of God? What other passages in Scripture can you think of that point to this truth?
- What are you doing in your life to look at and listen to Jesus? Are there things you need to cut from your life to better see and hear him?
- Are there areas of your life where you are a “hearer” but not a “doer” of the Word? What are they?

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