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How to Pray for Retribution

March 20, 2016 Preacher: Matt Stanghelle Series: Psalms of Lament: How Long O Lord?

Passage: Psalm 109:1–31

Sermon Questions
- David is receiving hate in return for love. Can this be said of the church today? In what areas is the church known for love? Where is there room for growth?

- David’s prayer for retribution in verses 6-20 can make us uncomfortable! When do Jesus’s and Paul’s words found in the New Testament line up with this type of prayer?

- What kind of situations today would be acceptable times for this kind of prayer? Or said another way, what does truly “bitter opposition” look like for the church?

- David moves from a prayer for retribution to a prayer for deliverance. What was David’s basis for deliverance? What is our basis for hope and confidence in joining David in this kind of prayer?

- In the end, every person will either receive retribution or deliverance. And in both of these cases, God remains just and true to his name. How does this inform how you pray for the enemies of God’s people?

- How has this series on the Psalms of Lament encouraged or challenged you the most?

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