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Archives for December 2017

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Advent Week 4: LOVE

There is not a more appropriate focus for the week of Christmas than love. God IS love! It is part of his perfect character and is seen in all his deeds. J I Packer states, “To know God’s love is indeed heaven on earth.” He further defines God’s love as an “exercise of his goodness towards sinners… he has given his Son to be their Savior.” Christ’s coming i...

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Advent Week 3: JOY

Advent is a season of waiting. For children each day’s (slow!) passing means Christmas is one day closer. Presents under the tree, baking cookies, and other special Christmas traditions all add to the expectant waiting for the big day. It is hard to wait patiently! As God’s people waited for Jesus, they endured much suffering. The joyful hope of the promised Messiah...

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Advent Week 2: PEACE

From the end of the Old Testament until the grand announcement of Christ’s birth that begins the New Testament, God was silent. For hundreds of years God’s people did not hear from him. No prophecy. No comfort or guidance. Generations of waiting, hoping, remembering, and retelling God’s mighty deeds. Some remembered the promise of God to send a deliverer. Some celebr...

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Advent Week 1: HOPE

Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas, are days of great preparation. We prepare lists of gifts to purchase, groceries to buy, and parties to attend. There are lists of chores to be done from cleaning and decorating the house and yard to mailing Christmas cards and wrapping gifts. Advent...

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