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Share Christ, Not COVID

He is risen! He is risen indeed! We’ve just celebrated that good news on Easter Sunday; it’s only natural that we should deliver it to others. But how do we do that, given the circumstances? How do we share Christ without sharing COVID? As this pandemic has unfolded, Christian writers have produced scores of articles to help us think of new ways to reach out to those a...

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Praying Psalm 96

Poetry is powerful. It engages both mind and heart. It uses a small number of words to convey big truths, imprinting them upon us with vivid imagery, making us feel and experience them. An image is indeed worth a thousand words. An imagination is worth a million. According to, imagination is “the faculty…of forming mental images or concepts of what is no...

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Habits of Evangelism

It’s been a little over two weeks since we concluded our Loving the Lost sermon series. Where are you at with evangelism? Is it still on your radar, or is it “out of sight, out of mind?” Our goal all along has been sustained growth in loving the lost. We want every believer to make evangelism part of their daily life. Short-term enthusiasm is great; long-term habits ...

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Four Quick Reads on Evangelism

We’ve mentioned quite a few resources in our evangelism series, and several of you have asked for our staff book list. I’ll just mention a few. All of these have influenced the way our staff thinks about evangelism, and they also have the advantage of being bite-sized and easy to understand...

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Revelation and Redemption

An enslaved people in a foreign land, a paranoid dictator, an unlikely hero. Fire, water, thunder, and lightning! The book of Exodus has all the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster. But all of this drama is wasted if we miss the message it’s trying to communicate......

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Gospel-Worthy Living

What makes a life worthy? How do you know if your life was a success? What does your “best life” really look like? In his letter to the Philippian church, the apostle Paul tells us the true measure of success: a worthy life looks a lot like Jesus’ life. ...

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Learning to Love Again

Few experiences can compare to the pain of adultery—and God knows this better than anyone. God’s people were wedded to him alone, but they betrayed him. They left him for other lovers and forgot him. But how will the story end—in restoration or tragedy? How can a promise-keeping God abandon his chosen people? On the other hand, how can a holy God be reunited with sin...

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